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Choosing the right typeface pair for a project can be a daunting task for new designers, specifically when you're unsure of yourself or you don't have years of experience to rely upon. United in Type is a design thesis that helps burgeoning designers create successful typeface pairs with the help of expert advice.

keywords: unity, contrast, balance
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Quick and Easy

A mobile app that helps you find successful typeface pairs for your next design project.
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Oldstyle Garalde

Pair result: Adobe Caslon & Texta

Type Roulette

The United in Type website has three different ways to find successful typeface pairs: Pick Your Type (dubbed as “Type Roulette”), the Type Pair Finder (database) or Daily Typeface Pair (blog).
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Scroll . Click . Flip . Learn

Scroll through panels, find a typeface you like, click on its center and watch it flip to see its typeface pair. Learn why they work by clicking the 'more' button.

Pair Database

Do you have a typeface you'd like to find a pair for? Search the database and discover possible pairs for your next design project.

Explore . Review . Absorb

Learn what expert designers use and recommend in our daily showcase.

Compare & Contrast

A set of 50 cards designed for pairing typefaces. The front of the card demonstrates the typeface in use. The back provides typeface details along with its cap height, x-height, and baseline to compare and contrast compatibility.
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Blended Pair

United in Type is a blend between two typefaces: Knockout and Tungsten. The U is visible in both the solid and negative space. The right arm of the mark acts as both the stem of the letter T as well as the arm of the letter U.
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