Exploring Personal Truth

Identify a common thread throughout select films within a director’s body of work and create a diverse set of deliverables for a mock film festival using an integrated branding system.

Solution // Richard Linklater is an Austin, Texas independent film director who's work is autobiographical in nature. The common thread throughout the selected works of Slacker, Suburbia, Waking Life, Dazed and Confused and Tape, is the exploration of personal truth through simple pleasures. The narratives of Richard's films have a mellow vibe, where the narratives flow naturally. As a result, the materials created for this project reflect a laid back, carefree nature.

searchers headerthree guys
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film festival program
dvd box
all DVDs
Tape DVD
Suburbia DVD
Dazed and Confused DVD
Slacker DVD
open dvd case
Searchers poster
cassette case
cassette tape
engineer cap
t-shirt model
Searchers Truck
Searchers Billboard