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Chance, an orange mackerel tabby and beloved furry friend, has been missing since Christmas 2018. Homemade missing pet posters weren’t delivering results and Chance’s cat dad needed help. The objective was to bring new attention and renewed hope in finding a lost furry friend.

Solution // Lost Chance. Using the feline’s name as a play on words, missing chance/lost chance illustrates the ongoing urgency of finding a lost pet, the strong desire to locate him and the distinct possibility that time is running out and he may never be found. Bright, bold colors and large disjointed typography depict urgency, the accompanying anguish and aims to bring immediate attention to the cat’s image in an unconventional way. A series of four large format posters, table tents, postcards and a brochure were developed to display in neighbor’s yards, veterinary offices, nearby local restaurants and distributed by mail or handouts for expanded reach.

keywords: connect, urgent, dynamic
Table Tent Cards
Lost Pet Wall Poster
Missing Chance Trifold Brochure
Missing Chance Trifold Brochure
missing chance street sign
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Lost Pet Street Poster