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Identify a dead, dying or defunct brand and give it a face lift by creating a new identity system and a collection of integrated collateral.

Solution // Ashley Furniture, thought of as an inexpensive run of the mill furniture store, needed a real kick in the pants. The brand was reimaged to be one that is youthful, chic, elegant, yet is still affordable; one that is not your parent’s “blah” furniture store of yesteryear. The visual language is clean, minimalistic, with a muted color palette.

keywords: modern, sophisticated
image montage
Ashley front cover

two words, one idea

inside spread
inside spread
then: comfortable & conservative
inside spread
now: modern & sophisticated
inside spread
ashley signature


Ashley's mark blends a modified lowercase 'A' (Goudy Oldstyle typeface) with a modern chair to make the abstract Ashley chair.

modern chair

modern chair

letter a

goudy oldstyle (modified)

ashely logomark

Ashley logomark


Ashley's wordmark is Hoefler & Co.'s Gotham Medium. Gotham is a hardworking, modern typeface that provides a solid foundation for the symbol while mirroring the quality of Ashley's furniture.

ashley wordmark
ashley signature header
gotham narrow
gotham narrow

display headlines


headlines & subheads

gotham rounded

body copy & captions

gotham rounded

headlines & subheads

color and pattern title

Muted and modern, the three colors in the Ashley furniture signature are the primary corporate brand colors. The secondary and tertiary color sets are compliments of the primary colors and are to be used in a supportive role.

primary colors

Ashley Brand Colors


cool patternwarm pattern
complimentary colors

complementary colors

complimentary colors
stationery system header
grey business cardgrey business cardgrey business cardgold business card
letterheadenvelopesbusinss cards ron & back
brand extensions

The Ashley Furniture brand offers exceptional brand extensions through interior paint, leather care and interior design services.

paint cans

interior paint

leather care

leather care boxes
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