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Digital Design, Print Design
Silicon Valley Pet Project
Graphic Designer
Social Media, Posters, Infographics
saving lives
Silicon Valley Pet Project (SVPP) is a San Jose-based non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming dogs and cats from various shelters across the San Francisco Bay Area. Senior and special-needs pets at risk of euthanasia are a special focus.
Many people encounter kittens within their yard or elsewhere within their community. Instructions on what should be done when found are often vital for the survival of these animals.
The Ask // Redesign a found kitten infographic to help assist the public with identifying the age of a kitten. Design social media graphics for the feline and canine foster, and shelter dog day programs.
Solution // Connection is a strong theme that runs throughout SVPP: Connection through community, connection through volunteer support, and connection through the passion to save animals. To visually represent this connectedness, I chose to bind the headline typography, brand colors and overlayed images to form a strong central bond in each layout.