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Skyhigh Security
Executive Communications Designer
Presentation Decks, SPIFF Certificates
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Skyhigh Security, a leader in Security Service Edge, provides cloud-native security solutions that safeguard global data. Formerly known as McAfee Corp., Skyhigh focuses on securing cloud services and empowering enterprises to safely adopt SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.
The Ask // Create the visual language for 2023's Sales Kick Off theme of "Altitude", then design keynote presentation decks for the executive leadership team.
The Solution // After a year of laying the foundation for a new company, Skyhigh Sales sought to seek altitude in all future endeavors—to reach new heights. Starscapes and mountain summits were used to connect the thesis. Supporting elements were layered to illustrate steps, motion, and distance. Undulating digital hills were added to bring a technical flair.
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Mountain range with slide title on monitor
Two gift certificates with different monetary valueGift certificate
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Altitude moodboard
Alternate gift certificate
Alternate SPIFF Certificate (Unselected)
Alternate gift certificate
Alternate SPIFF Certificate (Unselected)