Identity, Print Design, Environmental Design
City of Palo Alto
Graphic Designer
Logo, Posters, Illustration, Outdoor Banners, Apparel, Advertising
a caring neighborhood
The city of Palo Alto's May Fête Parade is the oldest children's parade in Northern California. The theme for the 92nd May Fête Children's Parade was "Let Me Be Your Neighbor". The topic aimed to showcase a child's perspective demonstrating good neighborly behavior as supportive members of the community.
The Ask // Design an integrated system of various print materials for the City of Palo Alto's May Fete Parade.
Solution // The "Let Me Be Your Neighbor" concept aimed to create a playful, joyful, and fun atmosphere to engage parents and children in actively participating in the community event. Vibrant tertiary colors, playful bubbles that fly about the page, and quirky houses brought a dynamic sense of harmony and connection between kids, neighborhoods, and acts of kindness.