.healthy habits

Identity, Print Design, Environmental Design
City of Palo Alto
Graphic Designer
Logo, Posters, Illustration, Outdoor Banners, Apparel, Advertising
Healthy Lifestyles
The city of Palo Alto's May Fête Parade is the oldest children's parade in Northern California. The theme for the 94th year was "Happy Healthy Habits" and was an extension of the City Council’s Healthy Cities, Healthy Community Initiative; one of the City Council’s priority missions.
The Ask // Design an integrated system of various print materials for the City of Palo Alto's May Fete Parade.
Solution // Looking to appeal to children ages 5 – 18, chalk art was the chosen design concept. Whether you are 5 and drawing stick figures on the sidewalk or are 15 and creating elaborate street paintings, drawing with chalk is fun and a staple of a happy, healthy childhood.
To support this concept, whimsical, variegated colors wer used to depict playfulness. Orange is a happy, energetic, and attention-getting color. Blue is peaceful, secure, and calm. Green is healthy, natural, and motivating. Each of the colors embodies "Happy Healthy Habits" and is surrounded by other symbols of healthy habits like eating fruits and vegetables and exercising.