.different together

Print Design, Illustration
City of Palo Alto
Graphic Designer
community events
The 100-year-old city of Palo Alto is considered the origin of Silicon Valley. It is a vibrant community full of world-class technology companies, Stanford University, and miles of beautiful trails and parks.
The Ask // The City of Palo Alto Human Relations Commission needed a flyer illustrating being different together, to invite the community for a discussion on implicit bias.
Solution // To highlight the "Different Together" concept, a multi-level design using Gestalt principles was created to illustrate several different perspectives within a single shift of focus.

Perspective one illustrates how each word cube joins to form the being different together phrase. Perspective two shows each word of the phrase on an individual panel within a cube, where each cube connected together builds the phrase. Perspective three illustrates a large hexagon encompassing all cube elements within. Lastly, the background shifts between a flat star pattern and a dimensional cube pattern.

The above examples are all interconnected, yet they highlight a distinct perspective that allows the pieces to maintain their individuality while coming together as a cohesive whole, much like members of a community.
Three full length tree banners in different colors