.city of palo alto

Identity, Print Design, Environmental Design
City of Palo Alto
Graphic Designer
Logos, Posters, Illustration, Outdoor Banners, Apparel, Advertising
community events
The 100-year-old city of Palo Alto is considered the origin of Silicon Valley. It is a vibrant community full of world-class technology companies, Stanford University, and miles of beautiful trails and parks.
The Ask // Create posters, banners, newspaper ads, and apparel for multiple community events for the city of Palo Alto.
Solution // The Cogswell Plaza Lunch Concert Series required the design of a poster and pole banners. Making sound visual was the concept behind this project. Through the use of shape and soft watercolor brush strokes an abstract scene of Cogswell Plaza was created.
cogswell trees w/ header
Three full length tree banners in different colorsThree full length tree banners in different colors